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How to Win Bubble Shooter

Knowing how to win Bubble Shooter unlocks the real fun of the game. Aside from the dopamine rush from smashing complex levels, you get top leaderboard rankings and cash prizes. Plus, the soothing graphics and soundtracks jettison you into an immersive experience.

The rules of Bubble Shooter are uncomplicated. Using an arrow, you hit bubble clusters with an arsenal of same-colored bubbles, aiming to clear the arena before you run out of ammo. However, you must learn how to hack Bubble Shooter if you want to top the scoreboard because each level presents new challenges.

I’ve played Bubble Shooter extensively, noting the strategies that got me high scores and bonus points. I’ve documented my findings in this piece to help you overcome tough levels and master the game in no time. Dig in:

How to Win Bubble Shooter With Six Expert Tricks

Here are six easy Bubble Shooter tips and tricks to win your next game:

How to win bubble shooter

1. Create Hanging Clusters

Hanging clusters and avalanches are advantageous because they help you rack up many points. Sometimes, the level’s bubble arrangement comes with conveniently large clusters, and other times you must create them yourself. However, hanging clusters are a double-edged sword because they can touch the border and prematurely end the game, especially when uncontrolled.

The trick is to aim for the cluster’s edges, not the bottom, to prevent an excessively long chain. You should also watch closely to clean up whatever is close to the danger zone. 

This strategy is worth the risk because detached bubbles are worth more than hit ones. So, it is an effective way to earn bonus points and win the level with three stars. Plus, if you fancy the street credit, this strategy will help you climb the leaderboard quickly.

2. Carve a Clear Path 

Creating a clear path can help you disband a large or pesky cluster and win the game quickly. This is why games with tight arrangements and scattered clusters require more shots and are ultimately harder to win. However, to carve a path, you must know how to use the arrow.

The arrow can help you make more precise targets and enter crevices and tight spots. But it can also slow you down since you’ll be spending more time perfecting your target. This is a skill that requires practice and luckily sharpens your hand-eye coordination while you are at it.

Path clearing can sometimes be tricky because you risk wasting your ammunition as you clear the lower clusters. So, you must economize your shots by utilizing the wall and using the ball swap feature as often as possible.

3 Use The Walls

Bubbles travel in straight lines and stop when they hit a cluster or the arena’s border. However, the juiciest clusters are often tucked away in crevices and behind obstructing clusters. So, using the walls is one of the most crucial tactics in a Bubble Shooter online game.

You can reach clusters in nooks and high places by aiming your shot at the walls (on either side of the screen). This strategy changes the ball’s trajectory by bouncing it off the border, allowing you to hit clusters that were otherwise unreachable. 

Like path clearing, mastering this trick needs a bit of practice. Not only does it have a learning curve, but it also causes you to spend more time calculating your shot. However, once you have mastered it, you can win games much quicker and with fewer shots. 

4. Play Opportunistically

Like any other video game, planning and analyzing the arena increases your chances of winning Bubble Shooter. However, it also helps to exploit any immediate opportunities in the game. 

By clearing any accessible clusters, you can quickly thin out the arena and win the game, so this strategy is particularly helpful in timed matches. Like creating hanging clusters, however, this strategy can be expensive ammo-wise, so using it should depend on the provided ammunition. 

You should steer clear of opportunistic shooting if the level has extremely scattered colors. This is because you risk further complicating the ball arrangement and wasting your ammo. Instead, use this strategy in an arena with no more than four colors and semi-large clusters.

bubble shooter online game

5. Avoid Chasing Losses

Like other strategy games, it is common to chase losses in Bubble Shooter. The effects are the same in free and paid games: seemingly insurmountable levels and poor scores. After a series of losses, we find ourselves scrambling to salvage the game (that’s right, me too), causing more harm than good.

Chasing losses is particularly detrimental when playing paid tournaments because it quickly becomes a nasty situation of trying to recover lost money while losing more. Plus, more often than not, your clouded judgment is behind your fortune because it causes you to forget previously learned tactics.

Play away if you are on a winning streak, but stop for a breather immediately after you lose a game to avoid obsessively chasing losses.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Winning Bubble Shooter is a skill that requires practice. No two levels are the same, and the game gradually becomes more complex as you progress. So, by practicing regularly, you can learn, master, and modify the game’s strategies, and enhance your memory too.

As long as you remain consistent, every failed level will equip you with knowledge on how to improve and what to avoid, bringing you closer to Bubble Shooter mastery.

Dominating The Game

Due to Bubble Shooter’s ever-evolving challenges, even experienced players have lots of room for improvement. So, even though it seems simple, there’s no shame in relearning how to win Bubble Shooter.

In my experience, certain levels took several tries to master. I also learned that getting frustrated with a complex level is the least effective way to win because it causes you to make irrational decisions you wouldn’t have made otherwise.

Overall, I found Bubble Shooter a rewarding experience for all gamers, regardless of skill. It provides cognitive exercise, mental stimulation, and an unbelievably satisfying experience.

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