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Strategies to Conquer the Bubble Shooter Highest Level

Winning the Bubble Shooter highest level is the biggest accomplishment in the game. With its straightforward mechanics, Bubble Shooter seems impossibly easy. However, the game’s evergreen challenges dominate the puzzle game industry.

Aside from learning to play the game, learning Bubble Shooter rules differentiates rookies from professionals. Any experienced player knows it isn’t enough to shoot colorful bubbles at clusters. It takes planned strategies to know which clusters guarantee high scores and certain wins.

I played Bubble Shooter for months, documenting my wins and losses to find winning strategies to tackle the highest level. Here’s what I found:

Six Foolproof Tactics to Crush The Bubble Shooter Highest Level

Before delving into my strategies, you must understand how to play Bubble Shooter. It is a game where you collect as many points as possible by popping colored bubbles. To do this, you’ll need to connect three or more bubbles of the same color using an arrow and ball arsenal.

Bubble shooter highest level

Now we know the principles, let’s dive into some pro tips to help you smash the Bubble Shooter highest level:

1. Target Longer Chains

The easiest way to buff up your score is to target long bubble chains because you get more points by dropping them in a single pop. So, I choose a bubble cluster and stack random balls beneath it to create an avalanche, so I can aim the uppermost cluster and reap the mega points.

However, this trick needs some practice because randomly shooting can block the path to crushing the avalanche. Regardless, the risk is usually worth the reward of high scores and improved visuospatial skills.

2. The Elimination Game

Some versions of Bubble Shooter turn the entire arena to the last two colors on a given board. For instance, eliminating all but green and blue in Bubble Shooter Arena changes all other balls in the incoming board to those two colors. 

Having only two colors in the arena gives you an advantage because you automatically have longer chains. Plus, if you’re playing a timed game, you’re more likely to win by clearing an avalanche with one bubble.

3. Don’t Chase Losses

It feels exhilarating to be on a winning streak and equally as bad to be on a losing one. Losses can feel defeating and make you forget your pre-planned strategies in a bid to “recover” them.

However, like in casino games, chasing losses only leads to more. Instead, take a break if you lose once to avoid prolonging a losing streak and return when you feel refreshed. In the heat of frustration, you are likely to miss opportunities as you race to save the game.

4. Race with Time

Racing with time is a popular strategy to win the highest level with outstanding points. This is because most Bubble Shooter versions double points of any leftover balls in your arsenal. Players who use this strategy are opportunistic with their shots and don’t waste time with clusters that aren’t immediately available.

However, all wastage is the flip side of racing time in Bubble Shooter, especially if you have a limited amount of balls as you risk running out of balls and ending the game prematurely. 

5. Create a Clear Path

Constructing a path is an effective way to pop clusters hidden in nooks and high places. Sometimes, a path is too narrow or high for your shot, and other times an avalanche is hidden behind a row. In these cases, you risk wasting ammunition clearing out the entire offending row.

Instead, I create/shoot low-value clusters with the sole aim of clearing a path to an avalanche. If my chosen path leans toward the arena’s walls, I use the borders to allow me to enter crooks.

how to play bubble shooter

6. Switch Balls to Match Your Shot

Switching balls is a common feature of most Bubble Shooter games that lets you choose from a small variety of colors. For instance, you can switch your green ball for a pink one if a pink cluster is a better shot.

Some Bubble Shooter versions allow up to three choices, but most are limited to two. Ultimately, this feature can help you minimize wastage by choosing matching balls and avoiding random shots. Random shooting can also clog potential paths and create unnecessary strings that graze the border and prematurely end the game. 

Tackling The Boss Level

The Bubble Shooter highest level requires strategic planning to crush the game. As you progress in the game, you’ll notice complexities that test your current knowledge of the game. If you don’t think fast, you risk losing the level and a life.

The above strategies are tried and trusted to conquer the boss level. However, you should reinforce your armor by practicing these tactics often. I recommend downloading Bubble Shooter free versions to allow you to hone your skills before swiping your card. You’ll be saving that for the tournaments.

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